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     About us

We went f
rom CP/M to DOS to Unix to Windows to the Web,
from C to Clipper to C++ to Delphi to Java to C#,
from dBASE to Informix to Oracle to MS SQL to ADO.NET,
from HTML to JavaScript to Flash to XML to ASP.NET--
Where are you?

CUSTOM Programs USA was founded in 1981 by Don Ridgway in beautiful Tampa, Florida, USA.
In the beginning of the microcomputer revolution, in the late 1970s, the hardware that was being used had names like IMSAI 8080 and Cromemco Z-80, running on the CP/M operating system. The programming languages were C, Fortran, Pascal, BASIC, Vulcan/dBASE, Lotus and WordStar. The clients were small businesses and professionals. To do an inventory or accounting program meant also planning, designing and assembling an entire computer system to run it on. Not to mention training the owners, users and wide-eyed onlookers!
The next advancement in microcomputers was in the early 1980s with the introduction of the Intel 8080 processor and the IBM Personal Computer ("PC"). Standardization began to occur in the industry, meaning that competing computers were finally beginning to be able to read each other's diskettes.
Don Ridgway, dba CUSTOM Programs USA, traded in an Apple on one of the very first IBM PCs (with 16K of memory on the main board) and with it designed and programmed many large and intricate business systems for the largest companies in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area. The languages used were always determined by the application and were predominately C, dBASE and Clipper.
Microsoft introduced its "Windows" platform to the industry in 1987 and, to accommodate clients who wanted to jump aboard, CUSTOM Programs USA designed and programmed systems for them using the C programming language and the native Windows SDK from Windows version 1.1 onward.
Later, an "improved" C was announced by Zortech and touted features like "object orientation," "classes," "inheritance" and "polymorphism." Borland came out with a similar compiler and a year later Microsoft tagged along. After many tests performed for stability and robustness, CUSTOM Programs USA was the first in the area to use C++ for major projects in the late 1980s.
As a "mission statement" and a service to clients past, present and future, CUSTOM Programs USA has a policy of making the investment of purchasing new technology and languages as they appear and thoroughly checking them out to see what works and what doesn't and why.
The 1990s saw every software company convert their [DOS] product to Windows, and it turned out that virtually all of them (not us) took years--and great trouble and expense on the part of their unfortunate customers--to come to maturity in terms of usability and reliability.
All, that is, except Borland's Delphi, which when introduced in 1995 had all the power and excellent features of C++ and few of the drawbacks. It was perfect for corporate-wide systems right out of the box.
Therefore, since 1996, for all new software development on the Windows platform, CUSTOM Programs USA has specialized in Delphi, utilizing every third-party library and database, including DB2, Oracle, MS SQL, mySQL, Access and FoxPro with ADO.NET. And don't forget we use RoboHELP and InstallShield for your applications.
For all Internet, Intranet or eCommerce applications HTML, JavaScript, Flash and Perl are used in conjunction with C#, Java, JBuilder, Delphi 8, Visual Studio and ASP.NET, etc. as well as Xara, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and all the rest of the top graphic tools. Our customers generally say, "This is the best program I've ever seen!" -- you will, too.
All Custom Programs are Made in America by Americans. They are bullet-proof, bug-free, intuitive and knock-down gorgeous. All Custom Websites are hacker-proof, bug-free, intuitive and likewise. How do you like this web site? We can design just the right one for you, too.

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