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Add this page to your "Favorites" list for timely tips and tricks to help the Forex ([Spot] Foreign Exchange Market) investor succeed in their journey along--where else?--The Road to Pipville.

Announcing the new Pipster v.3 is out of beta. The popular and handy Forex trade calculator has been redesigned and the Evaluation version is ready for FREE download!
bulletIt automatically formats the data entry and the displays for all major currency pairs.
bulletIt quickly and easily calculates Long, Short and Breakout (Straddle) trades.
bulletIt automatically calculates your personal Stop-Loss strategy for each trade.
bulletIt has tons of error-catching safeguards to prevent making possibly costly mistakes in the heat of trading.
bulletThe Registered version will save your settings so you can pick up where you left off every time you start the program.
bulletThe Registered version will remember where you want the slim Pipster to reside on your computer screen.
bulletThe Registered version has a genuine Print-Screen hotkey function to send the computer screen directly to your printer so you can always record your trades and charts.
bulletThe Registered version gives you 1 year of updates and support.
bulletThe Pipster says: "Don't you dare trade without me!"
  check out the new Pipster v.3 and upgrade your old Pipster v.2 right now...

Make your own Workout Journal and Trading Journal with the Pipster in 3 easy steps
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When is a System a "System"? When is a Trend a "Trend"?
  - coming soon! 

Which is the better Indicator--Technical Analysis or Buy/Sell Volatility?
  - coming soon!

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